sarmie funny images south africa screenshot

Funny Pictures, who doesn’t like them!  But I was getting too many funny emails at work, which is better suited on a site like etc.  But what about funny South African pictures? The rest of the world wouldn’t get all our inside jokes,  so I created a more “localized funny image” site for all […]

I am a real fan of, it contains lots of funny qoutes from MIRC channels. But there was no equivalent site for the Afrikaans language (or something specific to South Africa). That’s why I created Users submit funny Afrikaans qoutes, and then its up or down-voted by the public. Technical Specs : Created […]

Vlugbal 2002

Vlugbal 2002 was my last Computer Studies project in my final year of High School. It’s a hotseat multiplayer volleybal game written in Turbo Pascal. We had to design a piece of software that had some visual components, writes/reads to a file and contains the normal programming statements (for loops + if else etc). It uses the […]

Hello wor(l)dpress!

My first attempt at blogging was a huge fail, because I tried to fill it with code examples which is better suited on etc. So this round I will only upload my personal creations and thoughts, and maybe upload some portfolio stuff. If you have any suggestions or ideas what to put on the blog, […]