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I recently saw that my old Lyrics & Meaning website ( was attacked with lots of spam bots, and the lyrics were not updating properly etc, so I decided its time to revamp! Yes, it looks much much better:

Old vs New
old screenshot           new screenshot

For the Front-End, I used:




I chose Angular because I have never created a single page application before, and it should allow me to port to a hybrid mobile app easily when the time comes. **Ok I know Angular 2 is coming out soon, but at the time I started the revamp there was only version 1.  The design uses Bootstrap, and uses basic REST calls to update the data via:




Not much to talk about here, its a normal REST service, which connects to a SQL Database, using Entity Framework (5), coded in C#. This REST service should allow other application to get lyrics from the database etc. I tried to remove some of the spam with server code as well.



Winamp Logo

winamps screenshot

An ofcource, the lyricsmeaning app is still viewable in Winamp. For information on how to install, go to




By David Smit

Creating anything via technology is my passion. I specialize in (but is not limited to) ASP.NET web development.