Paintball has always been one of those activities that everyone likes, no matter if its for a bachelor party, a casual game with friends, or as a profession. But how do you locate/discover a new paintball close to you? Google would have been great, but only the popular fields are returned. But fear now more,… Continue reading

I am a real fan of, it contains lots of funny qoutes from MIRC channels. But there was no equivalent site for the Afrikaans language (or something specific to South Africa). That’s why I created Users submit funny Afrikaans qoutes, and then its up or down-voted by the public. Technical Specs : Created… Continue reading

LyricsMeaning for Winamp

I have been a fan of Winamp since MP3’s became all the rage, but there wasn’t a proper built in lyrics viewer/editor. So I created an online service called LyricsMeaning to do just that, and also the functionality to add comments/interpretation of the lyrics. All you need is winamp (5.5 or greater) installed, then you… Continue reading LyricsMeaning for Winamp

PikkiPowPow : Guitar Tabs Chords for Winamp

When I was jamming on my guitar to songs playing through Winamp, I was frustrated to move my fingers from the frets to the keyboard to search for the guitar tabs and chords in Google. That’s when I decided to make use of Winamp’s Online Services and create a plugin to automatically search and display… Continue reading PikkiPowPow : Guitar Tabs Chords for Winamp

Vlugbal 2002

Vlugbal 2002 was my last Computer Studies project in my final year of High School. It’s a hotseat multiplayer volleybal game written in Turbo Pascal. We had to design a piece of software that had some visual components, writes/reads to a file and contains the normal programming statements (for loops + if else etc). It uses the… Continue reading Vlugbal 2002

Hello wor(l)dpress!

My first attempt at blogging was a huge fail, because I tried to fill it with code examples which is better suited on etc. So this round I will only upload my personal creations and thoughts, and maybe upload some portfolio stuff. If you have any suggestions or ideas what to put on the blog,… Continue reading Hello wor(l)dpress!