sarmie funny images south africa screenshot

Funny Pictures, who doesn’t like them!  But I was getting too many funny emails at work, which is better suited on a site like etc.  But what about funny South African pictures? The rest of the world wouldn’t get all our inside jokes,  so I created a more “localized funny image” site for all South-African’s to enjoy.

It is called sarmie

Jip that’s the best I could come up with :S  It’s slang for a sandwich in South Africa.  And If you say “Saam hier” quickly in Afrikaans (which means together) it sounds like sarmie.  That alone should bring a tear to your eye (of joy of-course, because sarmie is a humorous site)

sarmie funny images south africa screenshot

Users upload their uplifting and funny / creative images (it must be South Africa specific though) to, and from there the voting starts to try and get it onto the home page.

Users have to be logged in to upload or vote, but this can be done by registering or just signing in with a Facebook or Google account.

Technical Specs : This is my first personal ASP.NET MVC project (and loving it), Database created using Entity Framework – MSSQL

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