LyricsMeaning for Winamp

I have been a fan of Winamp since MP3’s became all the rage, but there wasn’t a proper built in lyrics viewer/editor. So I created an online service called LyricsMeaning to do just that, and also the functionality to add comments/interpretation of the lyrics.

lyricsmeaning screenshot winamp

All you need is winamp (5.5 or greater) installed, then you can add the online service directly from here.

Whenever a song is played, it will automatically search the web for the lyrics and display it.  If it cannot be found you can add the lyrics yourself.   Interpretation / comments are open to all, and it’s nice to see other’s interpretation of the lyrics.

Key features include : 
*Just play a song in winamp, and the lyrics will automatically be found
*Leave your meaning / interpretation of lyric fast and easy
*Save lyrics to hard drive in one click.
*It’s all for free 🙂

Hope you enjoy it, leave a comment below if you have any suggestions.

Technical Specs :
Made in 2005, using ASP.NET web forms, MsSql database, and it uses a lot of the winamp online services JS functions to communicate with Winamp.

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By David Smit

Creating anything via technology is my passion. I specialize in (but is not limited to) ASP.NET web development.