Vlugbal 2002

Vlugbal 2002 was my last Computer Studies project in my final year of High School.

It’s a hotseat multiplayer volleybal game written in Turbo Pascal.

Gameplay Vlugbal 2002

We had to design a piece of software that had some visual components, writes/reads to a file and contains the normal programming statements (for loops + if else etc). It uses the PC speaker for sound.

It also includes a 3D rendered intro video for the game, you can download the video directly from here.  It was made in 3D studio Max, and it took 20 hours to render on our 333mhz Celeron. (Personally think the intro is better than the game itself)

Vlugbal 2002 screenshot of video
Vlugbal 2002 screenshot of video

Go ahead and download the Vlugbal 2002 installation file, it contains the source code as well.  The intro video doesn’t automatically play in operating systems after Windows 98, but you can find it in the install directory.

If you have Windows XP or newer installed, you will need to install DosBox first before you can play the game. So install Dosbox, run it, then you have to mount and run game like so in dosbox :

[quote]mount c: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Vlugbal 2002”

The help file (Handleiding) contains help information in Afrikaans

Hope you enjoy this very simple game

By David Smit

Creating anything via technology is my passion. I specialize in (but is not limited to) ASP.NET web development.